General Supply

The company was founded and operates since 2000. Our main activity is production and implementation of food ingredients in various types of industrial production. More than 10 years of experience allows us to promptly and adequately respond to all market trends and customer demands. Constantly improving technological requirements have taught us to offer you the latest, technologically advanced and best price solutions.

The range contains over 2,000 items of food ingredients for industries such as meat processing, fish processing, confectionery, dairy, butter-fat and baking. We offer the ingredients for a full cycle of food production from mixtures of spices and mono-products to dyes, preservatives and improvers test. Constant monitoring of market trends, a thorough analysis of arom at and recipes, technological research allows us to maintain the bulk and at the same time, the actual range. Actively used by placing orders with our company for outsourcing system under your brand name. If you have not been able to find in our catalog product fully satisfies you, we will make any flavored song with interesting functional properties.

All this allowed us time to allocate a separate area - spices class HoReCa*. We have collected recipes and flavors for most national cuisines and offer solutions for both the segment luxury (restaurants, hotels) and medium (fast food).

All transactions are made with our terminal storage of finished products.

Much attention "General Supply" gives regional communications. At your request, our logistics department will find the best price and speed of delivery method and will work with any vehicle you specified counterparty.

Working in an open competitive environment, we sent a lot of effort to optimize pricing, with no "sliding" to the procurement of low-quality or low-cost components. Supply Division, given the name of our company, always offers the best options for the delivery of various price and regional valence. Respect for our customers and market leadership can not allow us to offer you is not adequate to produce any parameters.

Our managers and technicians will provide you with any information technology support. At your request we will send samples of our products for review, testing, and testing. Constantly improving and developing new products we are holding introductory seminars and provide customized direct mail programs.

The company's management conducts personnel policies aimed at improving the knowledge and professional skills of employees. Acting in a large group, we created a team is confident working at all levels. Essential we have.

We are open to any suggestions and contacts.



*HoReCa (or HORECA) is the sector of the food service industry that consists of establishments which prepare and serve food and beverages. The term is a syllabic abbreviation of the words Hotel/Restaurant/Catering.
The Dutch Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH) is translated into English as Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry. This code covers hotels, bars, restaurants and related businesses in the Netherlands. Koninklijk Horeca Nederland is the Dutch trade association for the hotel and catering industry.
This sector is one of the fastest growing in Europe. In 2004 more than 7.8 million people were employed and the sector generated more than 338 billion turnover. Jobs tend to be temporary, with irregular hours, low pay and few career prospects. There is a high proportion of young people working in the sector.